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BAMA Agenda-September 26, 2006
Location: CHORI Library
Time: 10 am until 3 pm

Below is a list of confirmed speakers that will be presenting a 12 minute lecture, followed by 8 minutes of questions and answers.

Speaker Topic Time
Hani Atamna
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, N & M Ctr
Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease 10:10-10:30a
Hannes Vogel
Stanford Neuropathology Department
Immunohistochemical analysis of cytochrome oxidase deficiency using fixed tissues 10:30-10:50a
Cassandra D. Calloway
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute & Roche Molecular Systems
Development of a mtDNA Typing Assay for the Analysis of Forensic DNA Evidence 10:50-11:10a
Tina Cowan
Stanford Genetics Department
A Reliable Method For The Determination Of Reduced And Oxidized Glutathione From Human Whole Blood Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry 11:10-11:30a
Shelly Meeusen/David Pleasure
UC Davis
Mitochondrial Maturation during Differentiation 11:30-11:50a
Lunch will be served from 12 until 1
Curt Scharfe
Stanford Genome Technology Center (SGTC)
Genomic Technologies and Mitochondrial Disease 1:00-1:20p

Roderick Capaldi
University of Oregon - Dept of Molecular Biology, & MitoSciences

The when and how of dipsticking 1:20-1:40p
Nader Pourmand
Stanford Genome Technology Center (SGTC)
New tools in Genomics and Proteomics 1:40-2:00p
Bruce Ames
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, N & M Ctr
Micronutrient Shortage Accelerates Mitochondrial Decay 2:00-2:20p

Jodi Nunnari
University of California, Davis - Molecular and Cell Biology Department

The machines that divide and fuse mitochondria 2:20-2:40

Lew Feldman & Keni Jiang
University of California, Berkeley, Nutrition and Toxicology Department

Mitochondria affect plant development via the maintenance of an oxidized redox status 2:40-3:00p

Additional Topics to Discuss:
  • Determine a date for next years meeting
  • Discuss submitting a PO1 on mitochondrial diseases
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